Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goodbye LB, Avenue, Plus size departments

The time has come to say goodbye. I have been your loyal customer for way to many years. This past week I took a turn and it was to the right side of the store....the misses department and NOT THE PLUS SIDE on the left. I WILL NEVER GO BACK! I have waited for this day for many years....probably about 20 years oh heck even more sadly I am sure. I have some new friends in new places, Old Navy, Cato, Fashion Bug, Limited, Target and my favorite Kohl's to name a few. I won't go back. I have been told that skinny tastes good....I am sure it does but at the moment I can say size 18 tastes good and I want to get smaller and smaller.

I have never had a style of my own it was always what the store had that fit me. I will be able to have my own style! Some days I think I want to be business casual in nice pants, a button down top and nice shoes. Other days I think nice jeans, cute tops, and boots. Than I think about summer I picture lots of sun dresses and cute sandals. I want to get a whole new haircut when I get to my goal size of a 6 or maybe a 8 depending on how I look.

I wonder if because I am going to have less fabric in the clothes if I can fit more in the closet? I am going to have a new addiction SHOPPING!

I love how size 18 tastes I can smell the 16 coming on over. I bet it tastes even better!

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