Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Sucks!

Well Halloween came and I had a party here....way to much junk food. I actually returned 60.00 worth of junk food today to Walmart cause I didn't want it in the house and I bought it for the party. I went walking/running today cause I was eating way to bad this entire weekend.
Here are some samples
  • chocolate cake with cool whipped topping about 3-4 slices
  • lots of chocolate peanut butter candy from the kids bags
  • sugar cookies I made
  • regular soda not diet

What was I thinking? So today me and Mikayla walked to the park and I started running. I decided to run to make myself work harder to get that extra food off of me. But I know that this is not going to destroy me so I am going to work on getting back on point today so I can continue to lose weight.

Next year I need to think of a better plan for Halloween!

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