Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almost did it

Well I wanted to lose 5 lbs this week....but I came close 4.4 lbs! I am very happy. I decided that this week I am going to do it I am going to lose 6.6 this coming week. I have to be down 10 lbs this month. I lost 6.6 a few weeks ago I can do it again.
I have been on point all day and will stick to the plan no splurges...good thing I hate Thanksgiving food HAHA and I am weighing in a day earlier on Wednesday since Thur is Turkey day.
I am working out every change I can get. I walked 3 miles tonight and tomorrow I will walk while my daughter has her class at the Rec center. After that I might drop her off and go to the gym or go tomorrow night and let hubby watch the kids.
The weekend I will have to do some major walking because the gym will be closed. I only have Mon and Tues to work out at the gym since Wed I weigh in at 10am. ughhh
I could do it Friday but I might have a slice or two of pie since that is pretty much all I like from Thanksgiving food.
So next week be on the lookout for 6.6 lbs of me gone!

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