Saturday, November 15, 2008

Up Up Up.....

I gained 2.2 lbs this past week. My mom came to town for Halloween and I haven't really gotten into the groove of working out again. I am so upset with myself I can't stop working out cause I have visitors....she should have been working out with me....I only say this because she complains she wants to lose weight too. But she left I am up for 2 weeks. I have recommitted and decided this week I am going to lose 5 lbs. I went back to the gym and I RAN YES I RAN! I decided to follow the distance on the machine and for .5 I would walk at 3.5 mph than for .5 I would run at 4.5 mph so I walked 1/2 mile and ran 1/2 a mile. I than did the elliptical for 15 minutes and rode 4 miles on the bike. I didn't work out last night because Mya has a gymnastics meeting and the gym was closing when I could have gone. I did go to Walmart to get walk away the pounds and I walked the 4 miles on the dvd. Mikayla even did the entire 4 miles too!

It is Saturday morning and I had my fiber 1 bar and a 2 pt muffin I made. So I had 5 points so far today. I am going to focus this week on working out

I did the 4 mile walk already this morning with Mya and Mikayla.

My schedule will be

Mon walk dvd in am, gym for a hour at night

Tues walk dvd in am, plus walk at the track for a hour, gym a hour at night

Wed walk in am at the track, walk dvd at home mid day and gym at night

Thur walk dvd in mid day and gym at night

Fri walk in am at the track, dvd mid day and gym at night

Sat walk dvd in am

Sun walk dvd in am and if warm enough walk at the track

I also will be working on staying on point this entire week. I have been doing it I THINK. I have not written in my food journal in ages but I am making a committment to do it and stick to it.

The weird thing is I can tell I gained 2 lbs who knew I could feel that? It doesn't feel good and it sucks that I was in the 260's and have gained those 2 lbs have gone back into the 270's....I NEVER WANTED TO GO BACK! But in this time I take to lose this weight I plan on having some ups and downs so I am not letting this knock me down.

Here I am Michelle at 271 lbs and not loving it but dealing with it and realizing I CAN DO THIS but it is HARD WORK!

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