Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Endoscopy Day!!!

Well I went to work at 230 am so I could be done in time for my 6am appointment. Got home by 430am and took a shower. Got Erik up and he got ready and we were off. It felt kinda weird going to the hospital at this time it reminded me of when we left for the birth of Jalen. But this time we wouldn't be bringing home a baby we would just be coming home with some pics of my esophagus and stomach. What a pretty stomach it is might I add HAHA.

So I go and check in I am the first one of the day. The 1st nurse she got me in my little cubicle and told me lay down take everything from the waist up off. Asked did I have any piercings etc. I said no next a new nurse came in who I thought would be my nurse in all I had 4 nurses....so many nurses just for a tube down my throat! So she took my blood set up my IV....holy crap this chick was half way in my arm with the needle (did I ever tell you I had 4 kids naturally because I am scared of IV's and needles?) and says do you need a blood draw? I said ummm I don't know. She calls to another nurse who comes in looks at my chart and says I don't know she is so young I don't see anything on her chart....at this point blood is pooling down my arm and she keeps wiping it away. Finally I take charge and say ummm look take the vial and blood and lets get this done with I am in pain here. So she does does it and tapes it all down. They said after that my husband could come in. Well the next Anesthesia guy comes in he is not very friendly and when I joke about the proporal that they are going to give me and Michael Jackson he says we know how to use it! Ok buddy I hope so....he leaves another nicer one comes in asks me questions and I ask him please make sure I am asleep I have heard nightmare stories. He tells me look I am going to put something in your IV and you are going to sleep for about 5 minutes no breathing tubes needed you will be asleep almost like General but just shy of it. He said I won't remember a thing or feel a thing. I said ok I am trusting you. My surgeon comes in and asks how I am doing and gives me a high 5. I inform him since I am here lets do the bypass he said we are not set up in the room for that LOL. Everyone leaves still no hubby who was suppose to be let in after the IV. So I tell the nurse as she walks by I want my husband he comes in we have a few words and they are here to pick me up. I say bye to him and they wheel me to the room. I don't like being wheeled laying down I felt sick! I said I wouldn't throw up but man it was a weird feeling. I get into the room 2 new nurses are putting the back of the bed up and telling me lay on my side....really I do this almost sitting up? The sleep dr love him! He puts on my air tubes in my nose for back up air and says close your eyes this thing is huge on you I need to snip some. I close my eyes and he says ok Michelle we are going to get started I just put the medicine in your IV. I see the Dr coming close to my face with the tube and I think holy crap he is going to do this and I am not asleep. The sleep dr says take deep breaths. I tell myself keep your eyes open looking at that clock so he won't go into your mouth while your eyes are open. Well I didn't even get to 2 I was counting in my head I was out and woke up in what seemed like a few minutes later in another room and my husband and surgeon were next to me. Everything went well and surgery is a go!

I can't believe I was so scared. I have to say I don't think I could do this in the dr office if I need to be scoped I might just pass out. They did say my stomach is inflammed so they did take a biopsy but they said it was nothing to worry about. He said it was gastroentitis....I say it was make more moneyitis. LOL

I got my discharge papers and my pictures for my mantle....umm ok no just to show the kids how cool my stomach is. The kids asked if I took the meds and was going to be skinny all of a sudden. They seemed shocked when I explained no they are going to cut my stomach and make it really small this was not the surgery itself this a just a exam to make sure my stomach was ok.

Came home sucked up to the hubby how tired I was and watched tv in bed all day while taking naps on and off. I am having a hard time dealing with dinner while on my liquid diet. I had to walk away and let them cook and try to stay away from the smell. Downside not eating with my family for sometime....upside my daughter is learning to cook. He let her make the rice and sausage last night with his help. She was so proud. I was proud I made it and didn't shed a tear.

Bring on the bypass I am so ready for it!


Milady said...


I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


Njeri Whitworth said...

Hi....love your blog! Added you as a friend on obesity help awhile back. I am always looking for friends on this journey. I would love to chat! Please email me.

Ms Jay said...

Hi there...what an interesting blog. I found you because in 2009 you posted on phentermine.com that you went to a dr in Fuquay and they prescribed the drug to you. So I am guessing it did not work? What was your experience with it? It has been a couple of months since you posted about your surgery. I wish you well with that and I hope once it comes off it stays off. I personally am going to try phentermine to get this post quit smoking weight off of me.