Friday, February 24, 2012

Goal List and Stuff

So I have Sleep Apnea and that helps with getting the surgery approved. I snore....loud my kids say.....but hopefully I won't forever. I am at such peace with my decision to have this look forward to using this tool to help me keep my weight off and maintain it. Sure I know I can lose it but I can't maintain it I need some help!

I have found some great articles, blogs, and forums for weight loss surgery. They are so helpful in seeing the good, the bad, and truthfully the ugly. I have to clarify ugly being wound care, drains, things of that nature not really ugly but a fact of life with the surgery. I know I will have pain but I know it won't last forever I will feel better one day and I will be healthy. All worth the few days weeks if necessary to heal and get healthy! Someone remind me of that statement when I am whining about the pain. HAHA

My kids are hysterical I explained mommy is having surgery for weight loss....every time I go to a dr visit my youngest sees me and says mommy what happened your not skinny yet! I tell her it is a process.

I decided to make a Liston goals for after surgery....something I can check off and will surely check off each one.
Fit in a size 16 pants baggy
Fit Ina size 14 baggy
Fit Ina size 12 baggy
Fit in a size 10 baggy
Get into a size 8 and finally be a single digit!
Ride on a roller coaster with my daughter
Buys pair of tap shoes and dance with my daughter
Run a 5k with all of my kids
Run a sprint triathalon
Run a half marathon in under 3 hours
Run a marathon
Do a half desire to ever do a full but I want to do a half by the time I am 40
I want to own a little black dress
For my 15th anniversary I want to wear my dream wedding gown and renew my vows with my husband
Wear skinny jeans and a paid of high boots

I am sure I will think of more but I just have one final be in the normal range for BMI!!!!!!

I am so excited for the future I can't wait to start living my life to its fullest potential.

Here's to finding the skinny under my fat!

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