Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I don't think I will see a loss this week....

I got my period I is very light and not like this normally but heck if this is the new period I will get after losing this weight I will take it LOL.
But I have been walking, getting in my water, and at the gym. Yet the scale isn't really moving. Why is it that men can lose so much fast, they don't get periods, don't give birth, seriously something is wrong with that!
Maybe next week I will have a big loss. I really want to get comfortably into a size 16 pants. I have so many cute 16 jeans and capri's my mom bought me to wear in the fall....I BETTER BE IN THEM!
I have realized that this weight is going to get slower and slower coming off. I honestly wanted to lose 25 lbs this month....reality probably 7 lbs will come off this month. I could put 7 lbs on in a week so I can't complain. I still have my moments like this morning in the shower looking at my huge belly thinking heck maybe I should just go get the Gastric Bypass and get some help with this weightloss. But I will feel like a quitter that I have come this far. I only have 109 lbs left. That sounds a lot better coming from the will feel really good to say 99 lbs not in the hundreds anymore.
I honestly can't wait to say I am in onederland.....only 44 more lbs to go to that milestone.

Oh and I have a sad 10% keychain broke. I was running in the rain and had the baby in the carrier and the keys in my hand and I got inside the top was gone but I had the circle part that had my weights....THANK GOD! I am going to ask for another tomorrow when I go to the meeting.

You know how much those charms mean to me so I was so happy that I still had the weights!

I have been on point all week and have a new favorite thing to eat.

I take a flat out it is 1 point
1 cup brown rice 3 points
chicken breast smothered in cajun seasoning 3 points worth
1 cup veggie that we are having that night
7 point meal in a wrap it is SO GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!
I cook the chicken on the stove with a tiny bit of oil so I get a oil LOL

I love hot foods so the cajun seasoning is so good on this. I made a small one yesterday with 1 point of chicken for dinner and it was enough and 1/2 cup of rice not a cup and still full. So I can make it smaller too which is great to know when I am running low on points at night.

I might make another one tonight....oh and I also started slimfast shakes this week....3 points for a caramel coffee one. It isn't that bad. But I can do a cheese sandwich for 3 points, a wheat english muffin and toping for 3 points...not so sure I will stick with the slimfast shakes we shall see. I had a coupon figured I would try it out.

I will post tomorrow and tell ya'll how I did. Wish me luck! Looking for my usual 1.2 again HAHA


Lisa said...

I like the slim fast becaue I can use it on the go. With 4 kids, I am ALWAYS on the go. lol I think 7 lbs gone in a month is GREAT and you are doing such a wonderful job!

MoraPiggy said...

You're progress has been awesome. Don't get down on yourself over one WI, esp. if you haven't even WI yet. Sorry to hear about your keychain and your cajin wrap sounds delish.

Ida said...

It is SOOOOO much better to lose the wight SLOWLY! You have a much better chance of keeping it off. You are doing so well. Don't even think about that surgery. It isn't necessary.

Jogging Auburn said...

I feel your pain! I have a whole stack of jeans that are just waiting for me to catch up to them. There is something so satisfying about striving for a goal and then meeting it, don't you think?

I just stumbled across your blog while finding inspiration for my own blog. I love the way you phrase things, and I am right there with you. I'm trying to train myself to run a whole mile (and gee, do I have a long way to go!). If you want to check me out, it's at Maybe we could inspire each other! (Though, I must admit, if it was raining outside, I would not go running, so you have a source of strength that I am trying to build!) Keep up the good work!!