Friday, July 3, 2009

Down 1.2 lbs this week...bday cake week AMAZING

So I was down this week. I thought for sure I would be up. But only 1.2 but hey it is down. I was sitting in my meeting thinking ok if I did 1.2 for the next 50 weeks I would be down 60 lbs in basically a year. Seriously??????????? I want more than 60 lbs. But this year I lost so far 68 lbs. I had a baby so 30 lbs of that was pregnancy weight. So realistically 60 lbs isn't anything to be ashamed with. Is it as fast as I would have wanted? ummmmmmmm NO I mean really I thought ok the weight is falling off and in my mind I thought I would be in the 130's at this point. I didn't take into account my months at plateau.

I am working at this it is a daily struggle. I walk and go to the gym. I am going to swim whenever I can and get as active as possible. I need this weight gone. A friend who was at 300 1 year ago and yes is down to 160's not quite sure how she did it LOL she works out and eats right and never cheats. But she told me the other day that just losing the weight didn't make her happy like she thought she would be. She said I still have the same problems and I still see myself fat. It got me thinking well I assume that my life will be perfect when I am a size 8. It won't be just because I am a size 8. I also know that life is short so I am starting to take the attitude you only live once and it isn't forever so seize the day. I have started telling people things that I normally wouldn't. Like when I think they are making a mistake I tell them. When they say something stupid or rude I tell them. When my kids ask me to have a sleepover on the hard floor I say yes. Doing a cannonball into a friends pool...I do it. Not worrying that people will be like that fat chick is doing what? The pool will be empty when she jumps in from all the water coming out.....instead I do it to see my children's faces and to laugh with them.

My kids come to WW with me. They play in the playroom next door and my oldest will sneak in and say mommy how many points did you lose? She doesn't understand pounds or points. She goes in and tells her 2 little sisters and they each come in 1 by 1 to congratulate me. It is so cute. They worked out with me the other day and walked the track about 2 miles they had fun. It was fun to them not working out!

I am glad that a pound and some change came off my body today....hoping for more next week.


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Ida said...

'They' say that 1 -2 pounds a week is all that is healthy to lose. AND I know from experience that weight that comes off SLOW is much more likely to STAY OFF! What good will it do to lose 100+ pounds quickly, if you are going to just regain it even faster. Stick with the wonderful 1.2 pounds a week. It may only be 60 pounds in a year, but your body is adjusting to the loss better and it will stay off. See how long it takes your friend to regain that weight she lost so fast. Seriously.

Slim said...

It's really neat that your children are so supportive of you & your weight loss journey! Congrats on being down!!!

sarah said...

Great loss!!

Losing 1-2 pounds a week is normal and the healthy way to lose weight. And it's not about being a size 8, it's about being healthy, right? So what if we don't make it to a size 8. What if we only make to a size 12? We're healthier there then being where we are now. Keep up the great work my friend. Glad to see you posting again. I have missed your blogs.

Lisa said...

Great job! Can I add your site to mine?

- Lisa

faisal said...


Congratulation on this success.

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