Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook 2011 Weight Loss Challenge Group

Hi Everyone!
Join us at the Challenge we will do a monthly challenge on this facebook page. Kinda like the Biggest Loser Challenge. We will have a winner monthly with the highest % of weight loss.

Come on over but please don't mention my blog it is a secret I am not ready to share with the world my weight yet!
Thanks and I hope that you can come on over and join us. Also share with your friends. January's Challenge will have a cut off to join on Dec 31st at midnight.
Each month will be a new challenge.

Let's get healthy and skinny together!

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Mommy of Many said...

Hi Michelle, I found your blog through another weight loss site. Your story is so inspiring. I am a wife and mom of 6 and I have to get this weight off. I am in Fuquay. Thanks for sharing your story. I am enjoying your blog.