Monday, March 19, 2012

A few things I am looking forward to...

It is funny I look at life in the future these days. My friend is getting a divorce and she said in January when it is final we are going to party!! I said oh good by January I will be skinny well not all the way skinny but small enough to wear a cute denim skirt high boots and a nice top LOL. She said you are crazy I said no that is what I do think of what phase I will hopefully be at when that time comes.

So a few of the things I can't wait to do or happen
-Dance Comps and Gymnastics Meets feel comfortable in my seat and not feel like I am taking up the person's next to me space
-Wearing a size Large and finally a Medium
-Being able to do a Zip Line
-Not having the seatbelt in our new car the base cuts into my thigh because my thigh goes over the small seat and rests on the seatbelt base it hurts like heck!
-Be able to see my toes just by looking down
-Able to sleep with my kids in the bunk beds we bought them and not fear they will come crashing down from my weight
-Sit with my legs crossed
-Sit at a table in a restaurant in a booth and not feel like I need to hold my breath to be able to fit
-Walking my girls into school the first day of school and see who notices how much weight I have lost
-Signing up for my first triathalon

I can't wait to start living my new life. I have started to follow my post bariatric surgery food guidelines like my Nutritionist said. I eat 1000 calories a day and have 100g of Protein and I have to say with all the water and protein I don't feel hungry. I have to keep my food planner near me at all times so I know what to eat and when. I am sure it will become a second habit soon enough. The only bad part is the constant having to pee from drinking so much. Ugh that is not fun but hey if I am peeing out fat that is great with me!

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