Friday, July 22, 2011

Down 3.2 Pounds!

Yay I finally had the scale go down I lost 3.2 lbs this past week. I am so pumped and ready to do it again and maybe hopefully reach 4 lbs lost this week. I really want to get to my 5% goal that is 13.8 lbs away I know that I can do that in 2-3 weeks. I want to repeat my 6.6 weight loss weight I had last year LOL.

Today I am planning out menus for the upcoming week and I wanted to share with you a meal replacement shake I have found and love.

Myoplex EAS Shakes 5.99 in Kroger for 4 or 4.89 for 4 in Walmart.
I get chocolate put 1 in the blender.
I add 1 cup of ice (add as much or little as you like)
I add 2 table spoons of Peanut Butter

It is so good it tastes like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I have one of these a day and they are 10 points. I am so large I have 40 points so this is ok for the time being....I will have to go to 1 table spoon of PB to lose some points when I don't have as many points.

Another favorite thing of mine is cottage cheese Delish! I used to love this as a kid but started eating it again and I add some apples it is so good my kids want to eat it.

I will add some more recipes as I discover them. I hope that help you find some nutritious foods that might be new to you!

Slowly finding the skinny under my fat,


DaMora said...

Congrats on the loss.

I could totally go for a shake that tastes like a pb cup. Yum.

Lisa said...

Awesome! Great job!

- Lisa

hailey said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

Hailey William